How would you make an arcing dash?


I’m trying to make a 1 vs 1 mobility heavy 3D fighting game and I want to give one of my characters an arcing movement for their dash however I have no idea how I would make it and cannot find any tutorials. I’m looking to make my character essentially displace in a straight line, but get there in an arcing motion, I’m interested in making three versions, one where the player can choose a small or large arc depending on distance they want to travel, one at a fixed distance and one that moves to a locked-on target, any help would be appreciated!



pls halp pls pls

Launch character node would be correct for this, although you would need more than one for curved movement path. Also maybe spawning a spline in front of your character and then moving along it? That would give you more control I think. Animations that are using root movment could work too.