How would you get SteamVR to communicate information tracking to motion controllers?

I’m trying to add motion controllers to a project, which I’ve attached as a zip to this post, I’ve added the motion controller component and all documentation I can find says thats all I should need to do other than set the hands to left and right yet when I run the program the hands spawn on the floor and don’t track, I’ve run through the example vr project and the SteamVR plugins example project and they do it the same way I do and the tracking works fine, I’ve even copied their components into my project and it ceases to work. Do I need to complete some form of set up with the plugin or set up something in the project settings that the tutorials and documents don’t tell me or do i need to change the player index in the motion controllers settings?

I’m really lost, any help would be appreciated
thank you!

Heres the file:…ew?usp=sharing

ok turns out the version i was using had a bug, updated it and it should be fixed now