How would it be possible to use a surface material in UI widgets

Hello all. Recently I made a material in “surface” that I anticipated to use in the UI widgets for my main menu (this material consisted of the normal map, original texture, and a change in how metallic I wanted the material to be). Upon attempting to use this as an image for my Main Menu, it obviously did not work. So my question is, does anyone know of anyway to get my desired effect in the UI editor (any programs I can use?). Any help is greatly appreciated, thank you for your time.

Hey Emithises,

If you want to use a material as an image within UMG it needs to be assigned to the ‘User Interface’ domain. Once you make this change however, the final material output only allows four unique inputs.

Material Domain - User Interface

Since you are essentially losing the normal and metallic inputs. In order to fake/workaround this issue what you can do is use a SceneCapture2D to create a static texture from the material applied to the object in the world. You will want this process is pretty straight forward, but if you need some guidance take a look at the documentation link below.

[Scene Capture 2D][2]

Let me know if you have further questions or need additional assistance.