How would I use blueprinting to set the start as the player pawn and end as my HitActor?

I am attempting to create a blueprint that will allow me to, on left click, do a ‘Single Line Trace for Objects’ function, record the HitResult, use the function ‘Break Hit Result’ to get the Hit Actor, and then make a Cable that connects the Player Pawn at the start, and the HitActor at the end. I can see in the details of the Cable Component that I should be able to set a start and an end. This works if I just want to pull the Cable into the level and select a specific actor to hang it from, but I want use blueprinting to set the start as the player pawn, and the end as my HitActor. How can I accomplish this?

I’m working on this too. I’ll let you know if I figure it out. Please update if you get it first :slight_smile:


This sounds almost like a grappling hook which has been provided by the community, take a look at this thread to get you started: