How would I render video in ES3.1, with HDR disabled?

After getting lost in the vastness of Unreal’s rendering system (most of which I don’t need yet), I’ve run into an issue I can finally describe.

In the editor, I use the Preview Rendering Level to see colors and features simulated using the Android Vulkan feature set. Most importantly for me, this displays a color range more appropriate to the VR platform I’ve been building for (Quest 2) for which we’ve disabled Mobile HDR. However, when I set up a level sequence, the camera cut track displays a black strip when the Preview Rendering Level is set to Android Vulkan (ES3.1). When I render out a video, the result is completely black. Boosting the exposure doesn’t fix it.

If I switch back to standard previewing mode, the camera cut track starts showing renders correctly and the resulting video is correct, albeit in the wrong color space. The camera’s own preview shows up correctly regardless of feature level, so there’s a break between what I expect and what I get that the sequencer is causing.

How can I get a rendered video to simulate the colors in my headset without rendering from the headset camera itself? Would it be easier to render in the standard feature level, then try to recreate the non-HDR look?