How would I prepare Maya model for UE4 textures?

This may be a stupid question (Sorry, I’ve only started working with Maya recently :stuck_out_tongue: ) How would I go about making sure that the Starter Kit textures will work with my model? It’s just a hall way, with a few rooms attached. Do I have to unwrap the UV’s in a certain way? Do I have to keep my model to a certain size? I’m not really sure where to go from here.

(Again, very new at 3D modelling haha)

Actually (not the best way) you just have to uv map your mesh - import them - add the material - now you will have to adjust their size with the texture coordinate node
When you want to use the good way - export the textures - uv map the mesh so that the textures fits perfectly to your mesh - import it - apply the material :slight_smile: