How would I implement Force Feedback Effect for my xbox controller?

Hey guys, i’m trying to create a force feedback effect to make the xbox controller rumble, but I really don’t know why this doesn’t work.
I created one Force Feedback Effect, and just linked the node to Jump function for test… but it really doesn’t work :frowning:

Someone can help me with this?

There have been a number of posts about this and i have yet to see anyone get it working.

Can anyone help me to locate where to create a new force feedback effect? I can find it nowhere.

Looks like an old post, but hey since I was looking for answer and figured it out myself, I thought I should stop by.

  1. First create your Blueprint ForceFeedback and tweak it as you like.

  2. In your Player Controller Blueprint, add a “Force feedback Enabled” action and set it to ENABLE.

  3. Then place a “Client Play Force Force Feedback”, and link the ForceFeedback blueprint you created above.


Right click in the Content Browser > Miscellaneous > Force Feedback

Though I personally can’t get force feedback or heptic working with the steam controller.