How Would I Go About Texturing A Tribble?

Just like the title says lol

I’m working on a VR survival horror game set on a mining ship in deep space and I want to have a few Tribble warning posters/screens on the walls of my corridors here and there as a tribute to Gene Roddenberry and Star Trek.

To do this I’m going to need to texture a model with realistic thick fur but have no idea how to do it.

Any help will be very much appreciated :cool:

hairworks/maya hair/3ds max hair and fur/ pretty much any 3d modeling program can simulate hair nowadays

Check into

I would try to make some LONG ‘static’ (in terms of time) Particles, a particle system would dynamically respond really well to forces, collisions, wind, gravity etc. I suspect most of the expensive Fur plugins (like the short lived NeoFur,. ) are Particle System based, (Little more than a Preset LOL :slight_smile: This would be especially appropriate for a Tribble!

I have my own Trek conundrum this week~! I have the final version of that Stage 9 Enterprise recreation in VR, (you know the one with the Christmas hats?) I am trying to MOD IT! I have been able to extract ALL THE ASSETS from the game they (did not encrypt!! :slight_smile: I even found the Christmas Hat 3D model (Happy Hat Primary LOL) and I am going to either delete it, or give it a 100% transparent material!) ,… but re-packing an un-packed pak is hard!

Do you need a vr copy of. … ?


Ah, the trouble with tribbles. :slight_smile:

There’s also the advanced version that supports static meshes: