How Would I Go About Replicating The Movement Animation In This Tutorial?

I have been trying to make a 2d Top Down Character Transition from Idle to Run while moving using Flipbook Animations in Multiplayer.

Using this Tutorial:…own/index.html

I cannot seem to get the character to replicate the Run Animation while moving between client and server. It only shows on the Server Side and I am unsure how I should go about fixing it as I do not have enough knowledge of Blueprint to Fix the problem. Not sure if I have to replicate the movement so it can know when to switch between the run and idle or if I have to change up the Animation State Machine Function? I just need pointed in the right direction here.

I am new to Blueprint Scripting, I tried Replicating the isMoving Variable and Changing the UpdateAnimation Event Replication. I tried Multicast and Server but as I figured it’s going to take more than that. I am guessing I have to replicate it on the server and send it to the clients somehow?

Thanks for any help, I have been stuck on this for a while now.