How would i go about creating a "Fog of War" type system for a top down game, similar to CIV V

So I’m Developing a top down multiplayer twin stick shooter entirely in blueprints right now, and i want a system similar to Civ V’s fog of war

In my game there are rooms of varying size separated by doors, and before a player entrees into a room, i want the room to be unlit so the player can see what kind of enemies are inside and what to expect.

iv looked around at how to do this but i cant seem to find any concrete way of doing it, can anyone give me a little nudge in the right direction? or a big nudge if possible?

Hi Brown0,

While I haven’t made a specific Fog of War, this tutorial by Noon was a massive help when dealing with opacity:

I would think that if you take some of the concepts he goes over, you can probably layer a plane with a material that is affected by location based opacity centered around the player’s vision over the map, cutting off areas that are blocked by another actor.

Hi Brown0,

Here is a tutorial a user posted on the forums that is one way to accomplish this.

I hope that helps you get started.