How Would I Go About Adding Normal Maps To This Landscape Material Blueprint?

Hi, so after some research and countless hours of narrowing down the textures and blueprints, i finally am able to have the textures auto fill the landscape according to the desired height and blend.
I am at the point where i would love to add the normal maps to them so they are matching up with the main texture, but cant seem to figure this one out. any tips, ideas, or comments would be much appreciated!

Hi Connormcfarland,

You can add normals to your material by taking the same layout for your textures and replace their texture samples with their respective normal. Also you will need to take the "w/Vertex Normals " or “w/Explicit Normal” from the World Aligned Blend node instead of the alpha.

i tried this method, and i ended up with this crazy looking material. it places all the textures in different areas than what was originally there without the normals as well. not sure what i am missing here… and i very much appreciate you taking the time to help me with this!

Below I have linked a project that has a material I created based off of what you have. Let me know if you have any questions about the material once you take a look at it.

i very much appreciate that! thank you!