How would I create a dissolve material? Video example linked

Dissolve Material

I’ve wanted to make something like this for a while but I’m not sure how or where to begin. I’m experienced with the engine but I am wanting to delve deeper into materials and creating something neat!

I didn’t see something like this in the content examples, that I’m aware of.

Thanks for any pointers!! :slight_smile:

Check this one:

I’ve seen that post. But how do I go about making it dissolve from a specified direction? I should have been more clear in my original post. :slight_smile:

It depends on the gradient that is used. You could use UV or worldposition or even a hand painted gradient texture. You could hand paint a gradient that reveals however you want. black areas would dissolve first, white last.

A very convenient function here is BoundingBoxBased_0-1_UVW. It gives you the local world space. Use w ( aka b aka z) for vertical, or x,y for horizontal options. You can also rotate the results to get a non cardinal axis for blending.

Then blend that with a bit of a noise texture if you don’t go the wholly hand painted route.

To flip the direction. You could use one minus to invert or multiply by -1 and use a manual offset to control the cutoff points. Things like the glowing edge are just creating another gradient with a longer blend.