How would I create a curtain that I can 'push aside' in VR using the hand controllers?

I’ve been trying without success to get the same functionality that I see in Valve’s Dota2 Secret Shop, whereby you can walk up to a curtain and push it aside with the controller. I been through a lot of iterations, involving migrating the cloth examples over from ContentExamples, rigging a curtain in Blender with several bones (like a beaded curtain), attempting to modify various assets, etc. etc. and feel like this is a bit outside my spectrum.

Any ideas? Anyone achieved this already?

Have you tried Nvidia FleX Cloth/Deformables? There’s an unreal branch available to download and set up. The main constraint though is you need an Nvidia graphics card with PhysX enabled to make use of any of the FleX features. Right out of the box though, they have physically simulated cloth that sounds exactly like what you need. Here’s a video of the cloth in action

This definitely looks promising. I’ll do some exploration and see what I come up with. Thanks for the link!