How would I check if a game is started with Steam or Epic?

I want to give a user a message that multiplayer does not work if they’ve pirated the game and show them where the save files are if they want to buy it

Game cannot register to EOS or steam if user does not have it in the library. So if they will not have an option to play online unless he buys the game.
You can always do a check if there is a connection to the EOS by using IOnlineSubsystem::DoesInstanceExist(your_eos_name)
For steam, it is: IOnlineSubsystem::DoesInstanceExist("Steam") and that returns if you are connected to the Steam. Not sure about Epic. But I’m quite sure you can google it out :slight_smile:
Edit: I did some googling, and I think it’s “EOS”, but please confirm.

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Thanks! Will the check work if the user is offline? (although I recognize you might not know)

You can use identity interface for that. Something like: Subsystem->GetIdentityInterface()->OnLoginCompleteDelegates

Also, I strongly suggest you watch this. This guy really did some good tutorial about EOS, and you can get a lot’s of answers there.

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