How were the Starter Content textures baked?

I’m looking at the textures and blueprints for the chair and table that are automatically dropped into a new project with starter content. I’ve more or less worked out what’s going on with the channels, but I’m wondering what was the workflow/tools that were used to bake that texture down to a single file like that.

Yes, I’m sure this is basic stuff to most of you, but I’m not an art guy. I’m working on a simple proof of concept to show to management so I can get some funding to actually do things like hire an art guy, but in the meantime I have to figure out the basics on my own. Right now, I’m bringing assets into paint apps (I’ve installed the demos of all of them, I think), with sub meshes that have textures applied. When I try to bake them out, I’m getting a bunch of textures. I want to get them all into one texture and merge the meshes. Not sure how that’s done.

I am pretty sure PaulM made those but he isn’t on the forums much.

In my experience, channel packed textures like that are almost always packed in photoshop, and the individual channels were each individual renders of some kind.
Usually each mask is something simple where you apply a black color to most things and white texture to the part you want to render out. Then you can do different things with each mask and combine them as needed.

Okay, I can see how that would work, I think. Thanks!
/edit/ “Channel packed” was the key phrase. Searching on that brings up all the info I need. Thanks again. /edit/