How well does UE4 run on Windows 10 ?

I’ve heard, and might be mistaken, that Windows 10 is out to upgrade to.
Just wanted to check whether some of the developers around here tried it with unreal engine…

If anyone did, mind sharing some opinions?

I am not completely sure, but I’m guessing that UE4 has been compatible with Windows 10 for some time now, many developers work on compatibility during the preview versions of Windows.

I just upgraded so I will let you know :slight_smile:

That would be great Head, also let us know if there is anything that is just some awesome reason that I should upgrade, I’m not so excited about re-installing hundreds of programs.

Thanks! Can’t wait!

I use UE4 with Win 10 for a month now. It feels exactly the same as Win 8.1. No hiccups whatsoever.

I just Installed last night and I do not have any problems so far with any apps so far. I did an in place upgrade so no full reinstall at-least yet.

The only app I would suspect I would have a problem with is The Elder Scrolls: Daggerfall. But that is a very old game that runs on DosBox.

I will give a more detailed response later as I am just getting used to Windows 10. But from what I can tell Windows 10 is Microsoft’s best OS thus far from what I can tell. :slight_smile:

Nope, you shouldn’t. I’m was playing Daggerfall a few minutes ago on Win10! :slight_smile: (I suggest using the premade install for Daggerfall.)

Woop Woop!

Thanks for the heads up this is very good news for me. I am a daggerfall addict as of late.

Same here. I just finished playing Arena! Now I have to finish Daggerfall!
Then morrowind, oblivion, skyrim… :slight_smile:

EDIT: I just wanted to mention this… I am currently running windows 3.1 on windows10! Take that Micro$oft!

So just thought I would chime in -

I am using -

Autodesk 3ds Max 2016 - No problems yet - Starts up a little faster funny enough :slight_smile:

Adobe Photoshop CS5 - No problems yet - Starts up faster

Unreal Engine 4.8.2 - No problems yet

OMG I wish I had windows 10 right now…

It is awesome Falcon, I got it ~8 hours ago, it seamlessly upgraded without me needing to re-install anything, but there was one major issue. When I logged in, I couldn’t get my 2nd monitor to be detected, and W10 kept repeatedly freezing up, which forced me to do a hard-shutdown. After more than 5 hours, 50 restarts, and lots of errors, I decided it was time to re-install W10 but keep my files. After re-installing, I am just now getting my software all re-installed, and it is awesome!

Unreal engine works fine with windows 10 iv been using windows 10 while developing for 4 mounths

personally i find using windows 10 amazing (i run Intel(R) HD Graphics 5500) in windows 8 and 8.1 running any kind of 3D project caused my pc to crash on windows 10 it loads under epic settings and i have no crash problems now so i think its amazing

I upgraded yesterday, in place. No problems developing UE4 on it.

i reinstalled my laptop about a week ago it used to run very bad now it runs very smooth.

I would suggest waiting a few months until they sort things out with Windows 10 before upgrading. I recently upgraded, but was forced rollback to Windows 8.1 due to some pretty annoying problems (drivers being utter ****) and inconsistencies in GUI.

I was having loads of trouble as well, and then I did a fresh Windows 10 install and kept my files, now it is running seamlessly and I have absolutely no complaints.

I’ve had problems with Windows 10 after the upgrade on my laptop. The laptop doesn’t wake up when I close the lid (it just reboots completely) even though I’ve set it to sleep when the lid is closed, and the GPU driver crashes frequently even with the newest Windows 10-specific drivers (ATI). Not so frequent that it’s a game breaker, but certainly enough to be annoying.

I’d recommend holding off until DX12 is implemented in UE4, which is really the main benefit for PC gaming. By then some of the kinks will have been worked out.