How use new water system in unreal engine 4.26

Hi, released new version unreal engine 4.26. In youtube channal uploaded video inside unreal. in this video have many water actors in place actor. I installed new version but no water in place actors. how i add water in unreal 4.26 ?

|This is video|

hey there.
4.26 is a preview for new. you have to wait until release to get your hand on this feature i guess.
(not available neither on the github version)

thank you.

Turn water on in plugins. Then the actors become available.

When i pack my game, the water is gone (working finde in editor).

So the hole for the lake, which the water created automatically, is still there, but there is no water in it.
Layer Edit for Lanscape is activated.
I use a physical volume.

Do you have any ideas?

Ok, the problem are the different layers. It works without Layer Edit, or if you also make a hole in the non-water layer. Shouldn’t the water layer do that automatically?


It is experimental, but it is available now. Just have to enable it as a plugin. The plugin is just called “Water.”

According to my testing in my current project (quite complex at the moment), the new 4.26 Water system does not work correctly when using Level Streaming. It only works in individual Persistent Levels. This can be a specific case for my project (did not test fresh new test projects), but maybe this information may help you.

TLDR: Try using the water system ONLY on Persistent Levels and not on Level Streaming Levels.