How to wrap a texture around a cylindar


How do i wrap a texture around a cylinder shape? I have imported a limestone texture onto a cylinder but it comes up as a copy and paste mess. I know I can move around the surface properties using pan but that would take ages with a cylinder with over 300 sides to it. I am attempting to make a castle and would need to use this style of texture wrapping often. Any help would be greatly appreciated

a few things, thats not really a cyllinder mesh, thats a bsp brush, those were used for ancient versions of unreal before you could used meshes in the games, there really just still there for basic level layout for people who dont feel like hiring a modeler when theyre in the prototyping phase (also, those brushes are a lot more demanding on your cpu than meshes are). That bsp cylinder will have a seperate material on each side, there is no easy way to make it “wrap” because every side has a different material.

so there are two answers to your question. with that particular bsp cyllinder, you can press CTRL+B to select all the sides at once and then just drag on material on to all of them, but the material probably wont look very good

Answer two: if you have the starter content folder in your project, it comes with a cyllinder mesh in the “SHAPES” folder, which will just take one material and automatically wrap it around the whole thing.

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