How to work in HDR?. To display it correctly on screen and export in EXR


I´m trying to create HDR content with UE4. I found this in the documentation:

Also i found this:

I have acces to the Github page, but it has the source code and i´m not a programmer so i cannot use it. I though there was some plugin or something to use in UE4.

So when i try to visualize the scene in my HDR monitor i have some issues. I´m able to enable the HDR mode with the different commands. So it changes the look of the UI. It seems that in order to visualize the scene in HDR you have some options:

“use the command line argument -game mode , use Standalone game mode, or Play-in-Editor (PIE) in a new window using exclusive fullscreen (press Alt + Enter or use the command fullscreen from the console window).”

So with the Standalone Game mode it goes totally black. And when i try to use full screen in the PIE, it goes back to the UI. So, i´m not able to properly see it in HDR. I have a Benq SW271 and i´m able to visualize HDR content from games or youtube etc…

Is there any other documentation that explain better how to work with HDR?, also how to export it out of UE4?