How to wire Anim Blueprint to C++ Class

My question might be insanely stupid, but I really cannot get this to work and all the tutorials do not really help me

I have a C++ class that just controls the cam right now. Now I want to add a skeletal mesh and animate it from the C++ class (of course the free floating movement will be changed).

I started from a DefaultPawn as Parent class, but that is maybe besides the point. And yes, I really would like to go as light on Blueprint as possible (it confuses the ■■■■ out of my programmer brain), and I try to avoid the premade classes (like character… again, highly confusing to me) and would like to not have to start from zero again (having to get my cam control to work again).

  1. As far as I understand it, I have to use an animation blueprint and state machine, yes? Ther is no (easy) way to trigger all animations directly from C++?

  2. I tried to add custom events to the animation blueprint, but they do not trigger. How do I get them to trigger?
    I did exactly this: A new, community-hosted Unreal Engine Wiki - Announcements - Epic Developer Community Forums

  3. Oh, and if going with a class derived from character is easier than trying to start from scratch, how the hell do I get the character to not use the standart cam? I have set up my own cam, but it always gets overriden by the chracters (hidden) standart cam.

Thanks for any help!