How to visualize/debug eye adaptation (auto exposure) at runtime?

I have a scene that composites a few scene capture 2D targets together pre-tonemap, then uses the player camera to output the results as a post process.

I can tell the eye adaptation is trying to work, but it is failing to adequately analyze the image. I need to be able to visualize the HDR histogram and eye adaptation data similar to how you can do it through the editor viewport, but at runtime.

I can’t seem to find any documentation on this. How can I invoke the visualizer or maybe one of the scene texture outputs in the material editor will output this (and I can make a debug material?)

At first, i thought eye adaptation wasn’t working at all. Then I set the exposure change values really high and discovered that the adaptation is basically flickering.

I tried some things already like explicitly masking my composure textures to see if bright pixels being culled by alpha were effecting the histogram.

No luck. I just need to step through the frame or output the texture I see in the visualizer.