: How to use 'zoomed in' area of UV as Rotation Center on CustomRotator?

I cannot get this to function at all and I would love to know if its possible and if its not then why it isn’t possible.

I have an opacity mask which for ease of use is 4 separate masks wide by 4 high, so contains 16 individual masks. I then use TexCoord with UTiling: 0.25 and VTiling: 0.25 and shift the area of focus/choose which mask via two parameters.

How can I use a CustomRotator so that the Rotation Center is always at the center of my “selected” mask instead of the center of the entire sheet?


Usually it can be done by operations order, when first you rotate uvs, and then scale and shift them.

Edit:- Doh, I had the TexCoord scaling it down, once changed to 1 1 and moved scaling to after it works perfectly. Probably the only thing I hadn’t tried regarding ordering, thanks!