How to use VR preview when working on projects started with the Multi User VR unreal studio template


I am an architectural visualization artist that is still very new to VR and Blueprint scripting. Please forgive me if this is a simple question.

I am using the Multi User VR Studio template with my own content. As it is setup to support both desktop and VR modes in the final package I have found that the VR preview does not function properly with this template. I assume that this is because the application creates the VR pawn when you choose to run the application in VR mode in the final packaged product.

This is making it very difficult for me to test my blueprints as I work. I have to package the entire project every time I make an adjustment which is slowing down my workflow substantially.

Is there anyway to work around this so that i can do simple VR previews as I would in the standard VR template?

Thank you so much for your help!