How to use TriPlanar materials in Material Layers (4.19)?

Hi all,

I am using the new material layers in 4.19.

I have a material layer using a triplanar function (below).

In my material blend layer, I want to pull the AO from the Bottom Material (the material using the triplanar setup) and use that to do some nice blends with the Top Layer.

However, as soon as I switch on triplanar in my material layers, the AO texture is no longer used in the blend (in this case to break up the vertex colors).

If I turn triplanar OFF, you will see the texture return to breakup the vertex colors.

Occasionally I will get an error as attached below.

I’m very amateur with setting up this kind of stuff, would greatly appreciate any advice.

Thanks in advance.

Here is a far more simple example that essentially breaks the same as above, a material layer blend with a tri planar texture as the alpha.