How to use the AnimationBlueprintLibrary?

I noticed there’s an Animation Blueprint Library (at \Engine\Source\Editor\AnimationModifiers\Public\AnimationBlueprintLibrary.h), but none of those functions show up in blueprint. For example if I search for GetMetaData (one of the functions in that lib), it won’t show up if I drag a pin off an anim montage (Context-sensitive search on) or by turning off context-sensitive search.

I tried adding the corresponding module (AnimationModifiers) to both my game’s Build.cs and all Targets.cs, didn’t fix it.

Any ideas?

u should open the c++ source code to take look.
the function only have blueprint tag can use in blueprint.

Yes, all functions there do have blueprint tags. Example:

	/** Retrieves all Meta Data Instances from the given Animation Sequence */
	UFUNCTION(BlueprintPure, Category = "AnimationBlueprintLibrary|MetaData")
	static void GetMetaData(const UAnimSequence* AnimationSequence, TArray<UAnimMetaData*>& MetaData);

Yet the function above doesn’t show up in a blueprint search.

Animation Blueprint Library designed to work with Animation Modifier blueprints.

In c++ you can get UAnimMetaData directly from UAnimationAsset with UAnimationAsset ::GetMetaData() function

Aww, that is silly. I wish Epic would make that BPFL available anywhere, I see no reason not to. Anyway, that answer is accurate. I’ll just copy and paste the functions I need to my own BPFL. Thanks!

For anyone who finds this by googling:
The issue is that the said library is Editor-time linked.
Attempting to use any of it’s parts in runtime code will cause a crash, or a failure to compile.

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