how to use the 3pointlevel node in the material editor

Firstly, I must ask why people have not been answering my questions. I read many threads over here, from others asking questions, and people responding to please post an image or upload your project. Doing so, makes it look like the person wants to help. However, for myself, the past few threads no one is responding to any of my questions, and I try to at least demonstrate what I am asking for by uploading images. This is especially true when it is hard for me to ask exactly what I want. I do not know what I have done wrong, but I would at least think someone would say… “your question is still to vague for me to grasp. Can you elaborate on this?” In addition, it would be nice to let me know if I have posted on the wrong board. Anywho, here is my question to why I came here for help.

I wanted to know if anyone has used the 3pointlevel node in the material editor? From what I gather, the documentation states that this is similar to the Photoshop levels image adjustment. However, I am not getting even close to what the sample shows in the documentation. I am not sure if, maybe it has to do with the type of texture I am using, or if I am simply doing it wrong. In addition, when I try to Google it, in most cases, Google will separate improper spelling when it thinks the searcher made a mistake. So in other words, searching UE4 3pointlevel node similar to Photoshop, split this statement like so…

UE4 3 point level node similar to Photoshop.

… and therefore, Google ignores the number 3 and thinks I am looking for UE4 level editing or how to use the levels tool in Photoshop, which neither of these are the subject I asked for. Now, I have found a few threads on this board, but none of them go into detail on how to use it. So any help would be helpful. Starting with someone knowing how to use it, suggesting which people to ask, or even as simple as directing me in the right direction.