How to use standard library in UE4?!

I have a some c++ code written entirely using the standard library. I would like to use this code within UE4 but I am unsure how to go about this?

Has anyone done anything similar? My code relies heavily on std::vector (as well as some others). I would be very grateful if anyone could provide me some example code of the standard library being used in UE4.

Thank you!

My plugin use the std::string, and I use std::vector in the early version,
there’s nothing you need to do special,
this is my plugin, you can take a look:

Hey I had a look. It does look very interesting. However I am fairly new to UE4 and have not created a plugin yet. Any change you could give me a very high level walkthrough from going from a C++ code written in standard library to something I can use within unreal engine?

Just FYI, the C++ code is a (machine learning) reinforcement learning algorithm. I am using UE4 to create a simulation for a small robotic device. My code needs to be run on the robot to “finish” it’s training as well. Which is why I don’t want to rewrite the code using UE4 containers.