How to use Soundwavestreaming in blueprints/c++?

Hi UE4 community,

I can retrieve the sound from an audio component and cast it into a soundwave object. However, the cast fails when I go from sound to soundwavestreaming objects. Is this feature exposed? I’m developing a custom realtime mixer/equalizer and wondering if there’s a way to stream audio assets in c++.


This is perhaps a little confusingly named but the USoundWaveStreaming isn’t used for general audio streaming, it’s been more for VOIP and also as a base for the SoundMod support. There is streaming support for SoundWave’s but it’s currently marked as an experimental feature and only implemented for Windows. To enable it you’ll need to go to Edit->Editor Preferences->Experimental and tick ‘Show Audio Streaming Options’.

You’ll then see a switch in the properties of SoundWave assets to enable streaming. There is also a setting in Edit->Project Settings->Audio to determine how many streaming sounds can play at once. I’m not sure how helpful this will be to you in creating your own mixer/equalizer though, you’d have to do some fairly extensive digging/modification to get at the actual PCM data that’s being streamed, if you then want to do some processing on it.