How to use Simple Move to Location

I’m trying to setup a simple move to location and I’m not having much luck. The asset is a pawn class that has an AI controller (currently blank) and I’ve linked together a barebones Behavior Tree. It does nothing yet. Currently only has a Root node in the BT. Through the setup below, I can spawn the actor, and the screen gives me a success from casting to the AI controller. I can see the signal flow through and get into the Simple Move To Location loop at the bottom. It continues to do so as expected. However, my character doesn’t move. I’ve created two “target points” and use those as the locations to move between. I’ve also created a nave mesh bounds volume and placed it under/ encompassing the two Target points. I’ve never used a nav mesh before so I don’t know if I am using it correctly. In Truth I may be attempting too many things at once but I feel as if I’m just a few clicks away from having this pawn migrate back and forth. Any ideas as to what I’m missing here?

Here I’ve moved the Simple Move to Location into my BTTask BP and also a shot of my BT running. It appears to go down to the Task but I don’t understand how to make it execute it.

Have you gotten the to see how “Simple Move to Location” Node is setup in the Top Down Blueprint Project?


I just looked. Using a move to Hit Location. It’s a different node. I think I need to break this question into a different multiple questions. I’m sure I could plug something together to get a pawn to move. I’m more interested in how it’s done using the BT setup. I’ve been looking over the limited information (I know it’s still “experimental” but I would like to experiment with it) on Behavior Tree. I can’t seem to get my BTTask BP to execute my “simple Move To Location” and I’m trying to figure out how.


It looks like you are spawning a Blueprint Actor where you should be doing a Spawn AI. If you have a , look over this tutorial: UE4 Pathfinding...basic AI - Cinematics & Media - Epic Developer Community Forums

It’s a very good explanation for using a Behavior Tree to move an AI to locations. You could alter the location getting method to get different movement controls of the pawns as well.

Let me know if this has helped.


Using a Spawn AI crashes the editor in the setup I have up above. I believe this is a bug. From looking over the tutorials you listed below that is where I have found the setup I’m using.

It appears to crash if you select an AI controller in the pawn section of the Spawn AI node. If you just select a class it’s fine. But if you do so then I don’t think you can Cast to an AI controller to run behavior tree

Okay so on another post someone pointed me to the correct answer. In order to get it working you have to have your class in question (the one you’re trying to move) extended as a Character class, and not a Pawn class.

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