How to use retainer box for UMG to texture?

Can’t get this to work. I’ve got a tv screen type object with a render target displayed on it - it works well - but I want to add an overlay layer from UMG to this texture.

Retainer box should render a UMG element to a texture buffer which I can overlay onto my other material but I can’t seem to set it up in terms of enabling it and getting the texture.

Can anyone tell me the setup? I can choose my texture in the retainer box settings in UMG, although i’m using a material instance on my screen - also, how do you make the element render if it’s not on screen?

Thanks in advance.

That’s not the purpose of the retainer. If you just want to render widgets to a texture use the FWidgetRenderer.

Thanks Nick, is that a c++ method or can I get to it through blueprints?


C++, no blueprint exposed way at this time.


A workaround i am using is to create a 3d widget as given in this tutorial:

Instead of texturing the original object I add a widget actor component to my actor and place it where the texture should be.

So after 2 years, do we have a way to render umg to texture with blueprints?

I would like to have updates on that too.
Also the last link seems to be dead ?