How to use post process materials on mobile?

Hey Guys =)
I am currently developing a mobile game and I want to use post process materials. I followed the instructions from the documentation (the documentation says that post process materials work on mobile) and enabled everything necessary. But if I enabled the effect itself the only thing visible is the default “brickwall” texture. How can I fix this?

The effects used are from this pack: Chameleon Post Process in Blueprints - UE Marketplace
The pp materials neither work with the blueprint delivered nor with the default pp volume.

Thanks in advance =)

If you didn’t notice yet, “Materials” are essentially shaders. ES2 standard is way more limited on features then DirectX, full OpenGL or and there for Post Processing is more limited, you also need ot enable mobile HDR. You can read more in this document:

With materials it depends how they are constructed, but they might not work without edits