How to use point sprites

I’m currently working on a project that would benefit from rendering basic point sprites. I’ve been looking into it for a while now but have been struggling to get it actually working in UE. Previously I’ve setup vertex buffers and a decent point sprite shader but actually getting it implemented on the UE side is confusing me.

Do I need to create a scene proxy and mesh material shader implementation of some kind to get it displaying in the world?

Any pointers would be amazing!

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I’m not completely sure, but I believe what you’re trying to achieve is covered by a simple billboard component.

Nah sadly I don’t think the billboard component will be suitable, I’ve tried it in small patches but it wasn’t really performant, most likely due to the amount of point sprites in the scene, I’d also like more control over the actual sprites which I’m doing on the shader side.

Thanks anyway though!

Hmm - Not too sure about the graphics side. I think you’re best off asking in a more dedicated graphics programming for Unreal place for that.

Definitely think about how you’re going to get them into the world though, as you’ll need at the very least an actor in the world to display the sprites, unless you can bypass that and draw directly on the screen - That might require engine changes deep in the rendering system.

Yeah not too sure, I’ve previously been using global shaders for stuff not needing a proxy and UMeshComponent for everything else but not sure how to use that in this case. Good shout though about asking in the graphics programming area, will do that as well as it completely slipped my mind!