How to use Niagara Location Offset

I’ve been using Niagara of some time now, but I can’t wrap my head around what’s going on here. I have an emitter with a sphere location and an added velocity in the spawn script. I want to offset the sphere relative to its parent in a blueprint, but using the offset value in the sphere location module only ever offsets it in world space. Setting the dropdown menu to different coordinate spaces does not make a difference. Setting the entire emitter to local space will mess with the velocity, as the particles should continue on their original path.

Here is the emitter with the location offset set to 200 in local space

And here is the resulting effect, where the white streaks on the right are spawning with a 200 unit offset in world space, when they should be spawning along the capsule wireframe. I feel like this is a relatively basic thing. Any help is appreciated.

I think the Coordinate Space is broken as Local should work the way you want it and move the whole emitter local to the parent. I found a work around. Put a Box Location above the Sphere Location and set Box Scale XYZ to 000 then Set the Box Offset to whatever you want. In this case 200 in the Y. Then zero out the offset in the Sphere Location. This will use the Box Offset as a parent and rotate/ Offset the Sphere to were you want.