How to use Megascans into UE?

I have recently stumbled upon the site, Megascans. I am thinking about subscribing to their website to have access to their assets , but first I want to know how to use them (im new to UE). I am wondering how I download the free materials and assets and enable me to use them in UE?

this link will have all your answers, and will prepare you for your game-dev future as well :slight_smile:

(take it wit ha grain of salt, the result is what you need, and for future reference, try googling :slight_smile: )

Thank you. None of these videos showed me anything that I wanted to know.

Thanks Luos for the link above. But that link sends me back to this page.

Sohan, it’s hard to find beginner tutorials for Megascans. I suppose because it’s not really intended for beginners.

This is the best one I’ve found so far. It’s not super easy, but it’s a great way to get going.
Megascans supplies you with more than you’ll need to create an asset or material, as some is intended for Arch-Viz, & some is intended for gaming (performance.)
This may also help:

you’ll have to download the material / asset from megascans, then extract the file in your downloads to a new folder. Then inside unreal engine youll have to import the material or asset you want to use