How to use magnetic sensor on Google Cardboard?

I trying to find how to use magnetic button but i didn’t found anything.
How to use it with Unreal Engine 4?

Look on it, this magnet clicker is kind of hack, it manipulates magnetometer, it is detected is by checking magnetometer tilt when other sensor shows other motion. Problem is you can’t grab raw magnetometer data from UE4 APIs and blueprints, you may try to experiment with processed motion data see if you can detect anything

I also find hints of of support of magnet clicker in Google VR HMD UE4 driver (we talking here about daydream)

When it detect it, it should raport screen touch at normally impossible position -1,-1, sadly i follow up the code and find that the support for that is disabled right now:

	// TODO: Get trigger event handler working again
	// Setup GVRAPI delegates
	//gvr_set_trigger_event_handler(GVRAPI, OnTriggerEvent, nullptr);

So you need to wait for now, not to mention daydream still sits in github and it not avable in laucher version

Ello, just checking in to see if anybody has found a way to use the magnetic button?

Same here, any news?

Isn’t the magnetic button just using the “InputTouch” blueprint node?

I’ve not got a magnetic button device to test myself but that was always my assumption.

No it is not, as the magnetic button plays with the magnetometer and that’s something you cannot gather data from inside UE4 apparently. Huge issue here. Been looking around for this and nothing solid.
InputTouch is touching the screen != switching the magnetometer sensor.

Version 1 Google cardboard is no longer supported by Google so that’s probably why you can’t find ways to access it.

That magnet messed up my phone’s sensor so I took it off :v

That magnet mess up my phone’s sensor :v