How to use landscape tool like this?

Hey guys.

In this video this guys use the terrain tool and whenever he lowers or raises some of the terrain, the cliff texture is automatically applied to the side of the cliffs. How the hell is this guy doing this? It looks so useful to just raise or lower the terrain and automatically have the cliff texture put on the side. If anyone know this technique, can you please share it with me. Thank you!

Hello Raiden

It is not the landscape tool, it is the material, a well made material that automatically adapts itself with the angle, etc.

You can buy things like that in the marketplace or try to create something like this by yourself.

Good studies!

For reference, this material and all the content in that video is the one included with the Vehicle Game that is freely available on the Epic Games Launcher > Learn tab.

Thanks for the info guys. Appreciate it :slight_smile: