How to use HeapSort with TArray of pointers

I have something like this declared in static library

    struct FItem
    		EItemType			ItemName;//enum
                    float                                 Number;
FItem(EItemType ThisItemType,float ThisNumber) : ItemName(ThisItemType)
			CategoryName = GetItemCategory(ThisItemType);
			Number = ThisNumber;


in AActor derived class in .h

FItem N4 = FItem(EItemType::VE_BronzeIngot, 5);
FItem N1 = FItem(EItemType::VE_EmptyItem,5);
FItem N2 = FItem(EItemType::VE_Beer, 5);
FItem N3 = FItem(EItemType::VE_ClayBrick, 5);
TArray<FItem*> Npointer;

in .cpp


And my question is how to use HeapSort in this case because this

Npointer.HeapSort([](const FItem* A, const FItem* B) {return A->ItemName < B->ItemName; });

and several other variation didnt work … I am pretty new with c++ so many things are confusing for me …
basicaly I figureout that I would need pas pointer as reference and I dont know how … combination FItem*& didnt work … because its already pointer … at least I think …