How to use function MoveAudioStreamToNewAudioDevice

I found this handy function in Unreal’s documentation which should do precisely what I need - to change output device for audio in built project.

I’m fairly new to cpp, so I’ll try to explain how I understand it.

It is a public function of “abstract interface” IAudioMixerPlatformInterface, and I’ve also found it in AudioMixerPlatformXAudio2.h as a public function of child class class FMixerPlatformXAudio2 : public IAudioMixerPlatformInterface

The project I’m working on is for Windows platform only at this point.

I’m having trouble figuring out how to call this function from my BPFunctionLibrary.
I think it’s something like


…but probably not. So…

  1. I need to get system audio devices IDs
  2. Then do I have to create new IAudioMixerPlatrformInterface, or can I just somehow get existing MixerInterface like FMixerPlatformXAudio2 and call this function from it?

Or is there a different way to change output audio device after build (not necessarily at runtime)?