How to use FCoreUObjectDelegates correctly

I have tried to use a global post-load event, but it never called either from editor or standalone game. I have no idea what can be wrong here, but it doesn’t work at all.

Hmm try switching LoadingPhase of you module to PreDefault, you can set that in uproject and uplugin whatever you making, this will change when your module is loaded in engine initiation process. Does this even maybe trigger when you hit Play or when you load diffrent map?

Thanks for answer, but it have no effect. I tried both PreDefault and Default loading phases but there was no differences. Now I solved this by using this pair

	FWorldDelegates::OnPostWorldInitialization.AddRaw(this, &FLinearNavRuntimeModule::OnWorldInitialization);
	FWorldDelegates::OnWorldCleanup.AddRaw(this, &FLinearNavRuntimeModule::OnWorldCleanup);

instead of FCoreUobjectDelegates. It works fine and solves my problem.