How to use external assets on mobile platforms?

I want to make an Android game. This Android game requires 1 million PNG images, which are usually imported into UE5 and converted into Texture2D. My computer configuration cannot afford to import these 1 million pictures. I can dynamically load PNG as Texture2D, which is simple on Windows.

The problem is:
UE5 packaged Android games are APK files, and all assets have been included in the APK package. The UE program may not be able to call the PNG file of Android’s memory, and PNG may not be dynamically loaded on the mobile phone.

Whether there is a way to put 1 million PNG and UE5 packaged Android programs together for similar secondary packaging operations. In this way, UE Android files can call PNG assets in Android phones. Or, does the UE5 C++project itself support putting common format assets such as PNG into the project without converting the format in the Unreal editor?

Put them to amazon aws s3 like file server or even web3storage like ipfs blockchains. There are lots of plugins or even nodes for runtime texture2d import and http requests.

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