How to use existing vertex paint on an imported mesh?

I have looked at tutorials and documentation but none of them seem to cover using existing vertex paint. I have some rock meshes that have had vertex color painting done in Blender. I would like to use this existing paint and have it overlayed onto my rock material. I am completely new to UE4 so any help is appreciated. Thank you.

Anyone have an answer for this?

Hey joshezzell -

As long as your are making sure to check the Replace vertex Colors in the advanced roll out of the FBX Import Options, your vertex colors should appear correctly in the engine after import. You will need to setup your mesh’s material to reference the vertex color (vertex color node in the material editor). You should be able to visualize your vertex colors though by in the viewport checking under Show >> Advanced >> Vertex Colors (if you are in lit mode, to see vertex colors you will have to click on the object you want to inspect or go to unlit mode and all vertex colors will show).

If you are still having a problem and want to, feel free to upload your blender file or the fbx and we will look into the issue for you,

  • Eric Ketchum

Thank you Eric. I now have working vertex paint on my mesh. Now, what do you recommend doing about blending the paint with a diffuse texture? If I use the overlay blend node I get vertex paint on top of my texture, but to my eye it look a bit dark. Is there a better way to do this?

Try multiplay with your base texsture