How to use dynamic lighting on sublevels that are rotated

Hi. I currently have 1 sublevel as a tile. I then add multiple copies of the sublevel and string them together to make a bigger level. Each sublevel is randomly rotated to give a nice variation. All is good.

The problem is some of the sublevels are darker. When playing in the veiwport i can eject and rotate the sublevel. When i do this i can rotate it to the same rotation as an adjacent sublevel and the lighting matches. The only lights are on the persistent level. Everything cast shadows correctly but some surface look like they should be in the shadows when the light is directly hitting it.

The persistent level only has the lighting and a few empty actors. The sublevel has no lighting, i deleted them.

How can i fix this so the lighting is uniform regardless of the sublevels rotation?

Could it be that you originally built light in that sublevel?

I never physically built the lighting in the sublevel or the persistent level. I can try to make a new sublevel from an empty level.

The sublevel was built from the default level which already had lights in it

Ah, it has lighting built by default, so you need to rebuild it after making the directional light moveable. This is because the shadows are bonded into the meshes.

That worked. Thank you

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