How to use diffuse, height and albedo maps?


I’ve bought some PBR materials that come with maps such as Diffuse, Albedo, Specular, Metallic, Normal, Heightmap and AO.

What I do not understand is how should I use Diffuse and Albedo maps in the material editor? Should I just pick one and plug it into Base Color? Or am I supposed to use both Diffuse and Albedo map with some kind of lerp or what I’m supposed to do with them?

I’m also kinda lost with Heightmaps. Why do I have a heightmap if there’s already a Normal map with blue colors? The heightmap is pretty much always white-gray in color.

Thanks for any help!

PBR means there is no diffuse, its replaced by Albedo. (so use the albedo one)
Specular is not (really) used in ue4, you need to use roughness maps.
If there is no roughness map the pack is not ue4 ready, but you could X-1 (one minus) the specular and get something semi-useful for roughness.

Metallic maps should be black/white, not grayscale, if they are its probably not a good map.
Heightmap is for displacement/tessellation mapping.

also, all this is google-able, easily searchable on the answerhub, and quite well documented on Unreal Engine 4 Documentation | Unreal Engine Documentation :slight_smile:

From what I can tell Albedo is a diffuse with no or very little lighting details, and height maps are use for things like texture/height blending, displacement and parallax mapping.

I don’t use albedo textures, they never looked to great to me.

I’ll bookmark this thread as I’m curious myself

This is not true, that Unreal not use specular. Landscape Use and this map is very usefull to go gloss down. Before kite demo nobody care about specular, after Kite Demo it is very important map to Foliage and textures.

I didnt say it doesnt use specular, but that its not used that often in ue4.
It can work great on foliage, flesh, crystals, etc, but unlike some other engines its not the most important texture, which (while open to debate) is the roughness and normal texture.