How to use DataTables inside a Slate Widget

Hi there,

how can I use DataTables inside a slate widget?

When I create an instance of a DataTable inside the Constuct function in a SlateCompoundWidget using the ConstructorHelpers to find the DataTable the Engine always crashes as soon as the widget is loaded and tells me in the crashreport that ConstructorHelpers can only be used in a constructor…

However as far as I know Construct is the Constructor for the SlateWidget?

Basically the DataTable is needed to provide all text content for dialogues slate needs to display…is there a known workaround to use a DataTable in a Slate Widget without using ConstructorHelpers?

As a workaround I use a helper class now inherited from UObject which does all the work bringing the datatables into SlateUI…this works fine but I’m sure it is not the most elegant way to solve this problem. So in case if someone knows a better solution please let me know.