How to use blueprints to map Cardboard v2.0 capacitive touch button as input?

I’m making a mobile VR project where the user can look around and, when they want to walk forward, be able to press the Cardboard v2.0 button on their mobile VR headset to do so. I’m not sure how to go about this. I want to make the capacitive touch button on my Homido V2 headset make the player walk forward when pressed once, and stop walking when pressed again. It is my understanding, although I may be wrong, that capacitive touch is similar to “3D Touch” on the iPhone (pressure-sensitive). How would I go about programming this in Blueprints? (I’m doing this project as “Blueprints only,” because I have no knowledge of C++, and I’m more of a visual person)

Thanks in advance.

It’s starting to get close to crunch time for my project. Anyone have any ideas at all?

Hi there!

The action mapping you are looking for is called Touch 1

You can create those mappings under Project Settings > Input > Bindings

I highly recommend this video for more detailed instructions about what you want to achieve:


The whole VR tutorial series by strigifo is very useful - also got me startet with my cardboard project. :wink:

Thank you mexic0la for your response! I have been experimenting with that, and today, I finally got the VR tour app I’m working on to deploy to my iPhone AND launch successfully. The Touch 1 works! Now if only I can get Touch 1 to make the viewer walk when pressed once and then make them stop when pressed again… Would you have any ideas on how to do that?

Great that it worked for you!

You should totally check out the video in the link from my last post. Its about building a veery similar movement system. Here a screenshot from the tutorial:

In this case the movementspeed is set/increased in a variable when the Touch input is pressed and set again, now back to zero, when released.

For your goal you could use a flipflop node after the input pressed and connect both set nodes to it i think.

I’m very new to the engine as well, so don’t be mad at me, if iI’m guessing wrong. :wink:

Good luck!

Ah and I think, now that the main question is answered you can mark this thread as resolved somehow. :wink: