How to use Arrays in Blackboard?

I’m new to UE4 and am having trouble wrapping my head around this issue. I’m trying to get AI Characters to walk around a room, look at points of interest, and leave when the list is exhausted. I’d like to do it with the Behaviour Tree because I’d like the Player Character to be able to interrupt the AIs, have dialogue, and then let them resume their activity.

So far, I’m able to get AI to perform a Sphere Trace for all relevant objects of a class. I can store the results in an array and have them go through it point by point according to what’s nearest, removing entries from the array after they are examined. But if I feel at a loss for how to get this array stored and managed with Blackboard keys, and broken into discrete tasks like ‘find’, ‘look’, and ‘leave’, all while referencing the array. Or is there a way to switch a boolean on each discrete object in the class (individually for each AI, without hard referencing the objects) as the AI walk through the room? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Hello! Just pack Array in some Blueprint Around UObject…