How to use AI prediction sense?

I don’t really get what the documentation says about it, because nowhere does it mention actually returning any prediction values. The Request Controller Prediction Event only requests the event for the specified Pawn, so how do I find out what the predicted value actually is?

Hi, from looking at the source code you get the value from your AI perception component, same as you would get something from it when it sees or hears something (for example for hearing you would use a noise event then all the AI in range with hearing sense would get that, with the prediction you just do it for only one AI).

So for example if you use OnTargetPerceptionUpdated, then as soon as you use RequestControllerPredictionEvent, then from the AIPerceptionComponent of the Requestor you will get an update through the OnTargetPerceptionUpdated and the predicted location will be the StimulusLocation.

But since PredictedLocation = CurrentLocation + Velocity * PredictionTime and you can’t access the PredictionTime from the Stimulus I don’t see much usage for it, especially since you can easily do PredictedLocation = CurrentLocation + Velocity * PredictionTime yourself when you need it…