How to use a triggerbox to play a video in a different level?

Hi There, I’m new to Unreal so I apologise if this is really simple question but I’m hoping someone can help as I’m really stuck! I’ve created a game with 4 triggerboxes in my ‘Lobby’ level. When the character overlaps I would like each trigger box to load the same ‘Theatre’ level but play a different video depending on which triggerbox has been triggered.

I’ve setup the Theatre level with 4 sublevels and I was hoping to use level stream to load the correct video screen but I think my problem is stemming from the fact that I cannot work out how to detect which triggerbox has been pressed in the Lobby level and communicate that with the Theatre level. I’ve wondered about using a GameInstance for the communication but I’m not sure how to create a variable to store which triggerbox has been selected.

If anyone has any suggestions or a better idea that would be so much appreciated!

Provided the answer here:

Since I run into the question there first.