how to use a time node

I’m creating a water material with moving waves and all I’m using a panner node for the flow. Now I want to

  1. vary the height of the normal with time so as to vary the height of the waves,

  2. vary the speed of the waves with time using another time node,

  3. vary the lerping using 3 alpha textures, using a time node to switch from one texture to the other.

So basically I need to learn how to use the time node in different formats but haven’t found a tutorial so far…

If you combine a “Time” node with a “Sine” node ( Math Expressions | Unreal Engine Documentation ) you can “Lerp” ( WTF Is? Lerp Nodes in Unreal Engine 4 - YouTube ) a value from 0-1.

You can multiply a time node to change the time it takes to go from 0-1.
there is also an advanced Sine node where you can set the lowest and highest value, which is handy.

With those combined, you should have enough play-room to get something going :slight_smile:

In the second case, what do I multiply the time node with, a scalar quantity??

yup, thats most suited :slight_smile: