How to use a smartphone to look around an environment

How should a character BP be setup to use a smartphone to act as a sort of window into the game world, very similar to many star gazing apps that the player points the phone in different directions and the phone renders what is in that direction. Does not have to be real world, rather just the game world.

If you want something like this: Android input for Unreal Engine 4 - YouTube

You found here the content is used to achive this GitHub - skogler/gdd2-unreal

Just download it and place it in your project folder and just change the controlls from the object to your character

Not quite, but that would be useful on another project.

I’d like the phone to render the world depending on which cardinal direction the player looks. So if they point the phone (holding it up so they can see the screen - like taking a photo), the engine will show the world in that direction. If they spun around 180, the phone would show that direction and so on. Same for up and down.

You can still use still the same code I shared you but replace the rotation of the SM with the camera one and you can spin the smarthphone is the direction where you need to look. Like VR system. For this make a camera arm that got the rotator centred in this objectand camera far away using this camera arm. Then delete the object shown in video and you got the same effect with the camera direction and not more controllling a simple object.

Got it downloaded but am having trouble getting it copied into my project. If I try to open it directly, I get an error saying I need to manually compile. A simple copy/paste of the assets leads to blueprints with NULL parent classes. Any ideas?

try to copy all inside the folder in a new empty project and paste all in content folder

That almost worked. I can now move all the blueprints over without issue except one, BP_NetworkPlayerController which still has a NULL parent class.

I tried creating a new C++ class that I named the same as the code provided but can’t compile in Visual Studio (the option isn’t there). UE4 editor says the class won’t be visible in the browser until it is compiled.

Going to try to make the parent class something random and see what happens.